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18th Street Brewery

Hammond, IN

Bait & Click: 2X Dry-Hopped Double Pale Ale [6.2%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Here Comes the Reaper: IPA w/ Mosaic & Chinook Hops [6.3%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Lucifer in a Haze: 2X Dry-Hopped Hazy New England Double IPA [8.4%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Temporal Purgatory: Session Pale Ale w/ Chinook & Mosaic Hops [5.9%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

21st Amendment Brewery

San Leandro, CA

*** SEASONAL ***
Hell or High Watermelon: Wheat Beer w/ Watermelon [4.9%ABV]

Abita Brewing Company

Abita Springs, LA

Purple Haze: Raspberry Lager [4.2%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Anchor Brewing

San Francisco, CA

*** SEASONAL ***
Merry Christmas Happy New Year: Special Ale [7%ABV]

Atwater Brewing

Detroit, MI

Vanilla Java: English-Style Porter w/ Coffee & Vanilla [5%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Avery Brewing

Boulder, CO

White Rascal: Belgian-Style Ale w/ Curaçao Orange Peel & Coriander [5.6%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Ballast Point Brewing

San Diego, CA

Sculpin: IPA [7%ABV] (6/24pk CN)

IPA Mix Pack: (12/24pk BTL)

  • Fathom: IPA [6%ABV]

  • Grapefruit Sculpin: IPA [7%ABV]

  • Manta Ray: Double IPA [8.5%ABV]

  • Sculpin: IPA [7%ABV]

Battery Steele Brewing

Clifton Park, NY

Flume: Double IPA [8%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Beach Haus Brewery

Belmar, NJ

Free World: Pale Ale [6.5%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Swell: New England IPA [7.3%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Bear Republic

Cloverdale, CA

Racer #5: IPA [7.5%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Bells Brewery

Comstock, MI

Light-Hearted Ale: Lo-Cal IPA w/ Centennial & Galaxy Hops [3.7%ABV] (6/24pk CN)

Two-Hearted Ale: American IPA w/ Centennial Hops [7%ABV] (12/24pk CN) (6/24pk BTL)

*** SEASONAL ***

Hopslam Ale: Double IPA w/ Honey [10%ABV]

Oberon: American Wheat Ale [5.8%ABV]

Blue Point Brewing

Patchogue, NY

The: IPA [6%ABV] (15pk CN)
Toasted Lager: American Amber [5.5%ABV] (15pk CN)

The Boston Beer Company

Boston, MA

Samuel Adams
76: Lager & Ale Hybrid [4.7%ABV] (12/24pk CN)
Boston: Lager [5%ABV] (12/24pk BTL)
Cherry Wheat: Ale w/ Real Cherries [5.3%ABV] (24pk BTL)
Light: Amber Lager [4%ABV] (12/24pk CN)
Wicked Easy: Light & Hazy Lager [4.7%ABV] (12/24pk CN)
Wicked Hazy: Hazy & Juicy New England IPA [6.8%ABV] (12/24pk CN)
Variety Packs: (12/24pk BTL)
GameDay Beers
Alpine: Brisk & Smooth Lager [5.5%ABV]
Boston: Lager [5%ABV]
Cold Snap: White Ale [5.3%ABV]
Golden Ale: Crisp & Refreshing [5%ABV]
Severe Weather Fall
76: Lager & Ale Hybrid [4.7%ABV]
Boston: Lager [5%ABV]
Jack-O: Pumpkin Ale [4.4%ABV]
Octoberfest: Marzen Lager [5.3%ABV]
Winter Classics
76: Lager & Ale Hybrid [4.7%ABV]
American: IPA [6.5%ABV]
Boston: Lager [5%ABV]
Holiday: Porter [5.8%ABV]
Holiday White: Ale [5.8%ABV]
Winter: Lager [5.6%ABV]
*** SEASONAL ***
Cold Snap: White Ale w/ Exotic Spices [5.3%ABV]
Holiday White: Golden & Hazy Ale [5.8%ABV]
Octoberfest: Traditional Marzen Lager [5.3%ABV]
Porch Rocker: Tart & Refreshing Lager w/ Lemon [4.5%ABV]
Summer: Citrus Wheat Ale [5.3%ABV]
White Christmas: Unfiltered White Ale w/ Festive Twist [5.8%ABV]
Winter Lager: Crisp Bock w/ Citrus & Spices [5.6%ABV]

Breckenridge Brewery

Littleton, CO

Vanilla: Porter w/ Roasted Malts & Vanilla Notes [5.4%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn: Lager [5.2%ABV] (12/24pk BTL)

*** SEASONAL ***

Summer: Pale Ale [5%ABV]

Cambridge Brewing

Cambridge, MA

Flower Child: IPA [6.5%ABV] (4/24pk CN)

Cape May Brewing

Cape May, NJ

Always Ready: Northeast Hazy Pale Ale w/ Pineapple, Mango, & Citrus Zest [4.8%ABV] (6/24pk CN)

Cape May: West Coast IPA w/ Floral & Citrus Notes [6.3%ABV] (6/24pk CN)

Coastal Evacuation: West Coast Double IPA w/ Orange Citrus & Honeydew Melon [8%ABV] (6/24pk CN)

*** SEASONAL ***

Tan Limes: Mexican-Style Lager w/ Sea Salt & Lime [4.5%ABV]

The Bog: Cranberry Shandy w/ Lemonade [3.9%ABV]

Cigar City Brewing

Tampa, FL

Jai Alai: Citrus IPA w/ Orange Peel, Clementine, & Light Caramel [7.5%ABV] (6/24pk CN)

Clown Shoes Brewing

Boston, MA

Leaving Atlantis: IPA w/ Chardonnay Grape Must [7%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Rainbow are Real: Hazy IPA w/ Beta-Pinene & Linalool [6.75%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Space Cake: Double IPA w/ Citra & Mosaic Hops [9%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Zen Garden: 2X Dry-Hopped New England IPA w/ Azacca, Citra, & Mosaic Hops [6.75%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Collective Arts Brewing

Waunakee, WI

Life in the Clouds: 2X Dry-Hopped Juicy New England IPA w/ Simcoe & Mosaic Hops [6.1%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Ransack the Universe: IPA w/ Galaxy, Mosaic, & Citra [6.8%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Conshohocken Brewing

Conshohocken, PA

Type A: IPA [7%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

*** SEASONAL ***

Blood Money: Juicy Blood Orange IPA [6.7%ABV]

Coronado Brewing

Coronado, CA

Orange Ave Wit: Wheat Beer w/ Honey & Spices [5.2%ABV] (6/24pk CN)
Weekend Vibes: American IPA w/ Citra, Mosaic, & Simcoe Hops [6.8%ABV] (6/24pk 16oz CN)

Deschutes Brewery

Bend, CO

Black Butte: Porter w/ Cascade, Tettnang, & Chocolate Notes [5.5%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)
Fresh Haze: New England IPA w/ Amarillo, Cashmere, & Mandarina Bavaria [6.5%ABV] (6/24pk CN)
Fresh Squeezed: American IPA w/ Citra & Mosaic Hops [6.4%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Dogfish Head Brewery

Dover, DE

60 Minute: IPA [6%ABV] (12/24pk CN) (6/24pk BTL)

90 Minute: Imperial IPA [9%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Hazy -O!: First Ever, Nationally Distributed Oat Milk Centric Hazy New England IPA [7.1%ABV]

Namaste: Belgian-Style White Ale w/ a Healthy Dose of Good Karma [4.8%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Seaquench: Sour Session Ale w/ Lime Juice, Lime Peel, Black Limes, & Sea Salt [4.9%ABV] (12/24pk CN)

Slightly Mighty: Lo-Cal IPA w/ Monk Fruit Extract [4%ABV] 95 Calories 3.6g Carbs (12/24pk CN)


120 Minute: The Imperial IPA [18%ABV]

Camp-Fire Amplifier: Milk Stout w/ Graham Crackers, Cinnamon, & Marshmallows [6.5%ABV]

Punkin: Brown Ale w/ Pumpkin, Brown Sugar, Allspice, Cinnamon, & Nutmeg [7%ABV]

Sun-Day Feels: Laid Back Beermosa Sour Ale w/ Peaches, Grapes, & Citrus [6.5%ABV]

Du Claw Brewing Company

Baltimore, MD

Sweet Baby Jesus: Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter [6.2%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

El Segundo Brewing Company

El Segundo, CA

Steve Austin’s Broken Skull: IPA [6.7%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Elysian Brewing Company

Seattle, WA

Space Dust: IPA [8.2%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Erie Brewing Company

Erie, PA

Final Destination: IPA [7%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Haze Formation: Double IPA [8.5%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Ever Grain Brewing Company

Camp Hill, PA

Bingo Pajamas: Hazy New England Double IPA [8%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Squirm Machine: West Coast IPA [7.2%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Evil Genius Beer Company

Pittston, PA

#Adulting: Guava-Infused IPA w/ Cascade, Citra, & Warrior Hops [6.8%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Purple Monkey Dishwasher: Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter [6.7%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Stacy’s Mom: American Dry-Hopped Citra IPA [7.5%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

*** SEASONAL ***

#ICANTEVEN: Watermelon Blonde Ale [5.6%ABV]

#SORRYNOTSORRY: Peach IPA w/ Azacca, Mosaic, & Simcoe Hops [6.7%ABV]

Bye, Felicia!: Juicy & Tropical Passion Fruit IPA [6.5%ABV]

I’ll Have What She’s Having: Chocolate Hazelnut Imperial Stout [9.4%ABV]

I Love Lamp: German-Style Pineapple Hefeweizen [5.5%ABV]

Ma! The Meatloaf: Belgian-Style White Ale w/ Coriander & Orange Peel [5.5%ABV]

New Phone, Who Dis?: Caramel Macchiato Porter [6%ABV]

O’Doyle Rules!: Dry-Hopped Almost IPA w/ Amarillo, & Simcoe Hops [5.5%ABV]

Pics or it Didn’t Happen: Mosaic IPA [7.2%ABV]

You’re Killin’ Me Smalls: Raspberry Shandy [5.5%ABV]

Flagship Brewery

States Island, NY

Swamp Tings: Hazy & Juicy Northeast IPA [7.4%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Flying Dog Brewery

Frederick, MD

Bloodline: Blood Orange Ale [8%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)
Raging Bitch: Belgian IPA [8.3%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)
Snake Dog: IPA [7.1%ABV] (24pk BTL)
Variety Packs: (12/24pk BTL)
Disobedient Beer Variety
Bloodline [8%ABV]
Raging Bitch [8.3%ABV]
Snake Dog [7.1%ABV]
The Truth: Imperial IPA [8.7%ABV]

Flying Fish Brewing Company

Somerdale, NJ

Hazy Bones: Hazy & Tropical IPA [6.3%ABV] (6/24pk CN)
Variety Packs: (15pk CN)
Flying Variety
Daylight Savings: Lo-Cal IPA w/ Açaí [4.9%ABV]
Hazy Bones [6.3%ABV]
Salt & Sea: Strawberry & Lime Sour Ale [4.3%ABV]
Tradewinds: Tropical Wheat Ale w/ Passionfruit & Guava [5.7%ABV]
XPA: Citra Pale Ale [5.2%ABV]
Winter Variety
Abbey Dubbel: Belgian Brown Ale [7.2%ABV]
Hazy Bones [6.3%ABV]
Hopfish: English IPA [6.2%ABV]
Raspberry BEERet: Raspberry Belgian Wit [5%ABV]
Salt & Ski: Session Sour w/ Cranberry & Lime [4.3%ABV]

Flying Monkeys Brewery

Ontario, Canada

Adventure Time in Surfing: Double IPA [8.2%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Chocolate Manifesto: Triple Chocolate Milk Stout [10%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Juicy Ass: Plump & Unfiltered IPA [6.5%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Live Transmission: Milkshake IPA [6.3%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Founders Brewing Company

Grand Rapids, MI

All Day: Session IPA [4.7%ABV] (15pk CN)
Backwards Bastard: [11%ABV] (4/24pk BTL)
Breakfast: Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout [8.3%ABV] (4/24pk BTL)
Solid Gold: Premium Lager [4.4%ABV] (15pk CN)
Unraveled: Juicy IPA [6.6%ABV] (6/24pk CN)

Free Will Brewing

Perkasie, PA

Cloudy w/ a Chance of Charcuterie: New England IPA w/ Oats & Milk Sugar [7%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
The Kragle: IPA w/ Citra, Simcoe, Calypso, & Columbus Hops [6.6%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Techno: IPA w/ Citra, Simcoe, Centennial, & Cascade Hops [7.3%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Funk Brewing

Pottstown, PA

The Fallen: West Coast IPA [6%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Golden Road Brewing

Los Angeles, CA

Mango Cart: Mango Wheat Ale [4%ABV] (15pk CN)
Wolf Pup: Session IPA [4.5%ABV] (15pk CN)
Variety Packs: (15pk CN)
Fruit Cart Mixer
Mango Cart [4%ABV]
Melon Cart: Watermelon Wheat Ale w/ Honeydew & Cantaloupe [4%ABV]
Pineapple Cart: Pineapple Wheat Ale w/ Blood Orange & Strawberry [4%ABV]

Goose Island Beer Company

Chicago, IL

Goose Island: IPA w/ Citrus, Grapefruit, Pine, & Floral Notes [5.9%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

So-Lo: Lo-Cal IPA [3%ABV] 98 Calories (15pk CN)

*** SEASONAL ***

Bourbon County: Brand Stout [14.2%ABV] (1PINT BTL)

Great Barn Brewery

Kintnersville, PA

Where the Delaware Am I?: IPA [7%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Cleveland, OH

Elliot Ness: Amber Lager [6.1%ABV] (6/24pk BTL)

Half-Acre Beer Company

Chicago, IL

Beer Hates Astronauts: Citra-Hopped Pale Ale [7.8%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Daisy Cutter: Pale Ale [5.2%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Double Daisy Cutter: Double Pale Ale [8%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Industrial Arts Brewing Co

Garnerville, NY

Metric: Pilsner-Style Lager [4.7%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Wrench: Northeast Tropical IPA [7.1%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)
Yes Farms, Yes Beer: State Grown Hazy IPA [6%ABV] (4/24pk 16oz CN)

Iron Hill Brewing

Wilmington, DE

*** SEASONAL ***
Reindeer Revenge: Belgian-Style Tripel [9%ABV]

Ithica Beer Company

Ithica, NY

Jacob Leinenkugel's Brewing Company

Chippewa Falls, WI

Kings County Brewers Collective - KCBC

Brooklyn, NY

Kona Brewing Company

Fort Collins, CO

Langhorne Brewing Company

Doylestown, PA

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Petaluma, CA

Levante Brewing Company

West Chester, PA

LIC Beer Project

Long Island City, NY

Magic Hat Brewing Company

South Burlington, VT

Mason Ale Works

San Marcos, CA

Moss Mill Brewing Company

Huntingdon Valley, PA

Mispillion River Brewing

Milford, DE

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

Croydon, PA

 New Belgium Brewing

Fort Collins, CO

 New Trail Brewing Company

Williamsport, PA

Old Dominion Brewing Company

Dover, DE

Omission Brewing Company

Portland, OR

Oskar Blues Brewery

Longmont, CO

Paradox Brewery

North Hudson, NY

Pipeworks Brewing Company

Chicago, IL

Revision Brewing

Sparks, NV

Rogue Ales

Newport, OR

Roy Pitz Brewing Company

Chambersburg, PA

Samsaric Brewing Company

Bensalem, PA

Saranac Brewing Company

Utica, NY

Sea Dog Brewing Company

Portland, ME

Spoetzel Brewery

Shiner, TX

Shock Top Brewing Company

St. Louis, MO

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Chico, CA

Sly Fox Brewing Company

Pottstown, PA

Southern Tier Brewing Company

Lakewood, NY

Spider Bite Beer Company

Ipswich, MA

Stone Brewing

Escondido, CA

Sweetwater Brewing Company

Atlanta, GA

Terrapin Beer Company

Athens, GA

Three's Brewing at Single Cut North

Clifton Park, NY

Three 3's Brewing Company

Hammonton, NJ

Three Floyd's Brewing

Munster, IN

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

Decorah, IA

Tröegs Brewing Company

Hershey, PA

Vault Brewing Company

Yardley, PA

Victory Brewing Company

Downingtown, PA

Workhorse Brewing Company

King of Prussia, PA

Yards Brewing Company

Philadelphia, PA

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

Burlington, VT

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