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About Us

Back in the 90's, two brothers had a vision - to become one of the best businesses in the area; selling a product they had years of experience and a huge passion for: BEER! Today, their vision has been realized.

Founded in 1997 by Adam & Mike Lerro, The Beverage Zone quickly became known as one of the best retail beer distributors around. With a focus on customer service and atmosphere of the store, The Beverage Zone was the firstbeer distributor around to break from the old, dingy, & dark warehouse setting, to a more clean, bright, grocery store type environment. We introduced the concept of "shopping" in our store, and since then, the industry has followed our lead with many of the local distributors cleaning and brightening up their facilities.

What none of our competition can replicate, though, is our exceptional service. Having spent most of their adult lives managing restaurants, Adam & Mike know what it means to take care of their customers better than anyone else around. It starts with a friendly greeting when you walk through the door, continues with an offer to help find a product or answer any questions, & ends with one of our excellent staff members carrying your purchase out to your car. 

To make things even easier for our customers, in 2000, The Beverage Zone began a DELIVERY SERVICE. That's right, now our customers don't even have to get up off the couch. Just give us a call, & we'll bring your beer to you! We deliver cases, kegs, ice, soda, water & much more to many local homes and businesses.  

So come on in & see what our reputation has been built on. We're confident that once you try us, you'll want to continue making The Beverage Zone your place to go for your beverage needs!

Our History: About Us


the beer enthusiasts responsible for the passion behind your one-stop-shop experience

Our History: Team Members

Adam Lerro


In 1997 Adam founded The Beverage Zone for one reason - he really likes beer! After toiling around in the restaurant industry for years, he picked up a thing or two about customer service. When he put those two together, he came up with the most service oriented & customer focused beer distributor around. Though he is affectionately known as "the mean one", he actually is an old softy! Adam is constantly listening to his patrons, whether they are requesting a new beer or calling with an emergency delivery request. Adam and his staff go above and beyond in order to make sure everyone leaves happy.

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